Monday, 11 March 2013

Hardwood Flooring Options

My most current project is to pick the style, colours, curtains & flooring for a client that flips houses.
When I begin a project like this - I want my clients to be informed on all options, therefore...

When choosing Hardwood flooring - realize it must stand the test of time.
That being said, The latest trend in flooring are greys & whites...White Hardwood Floors
 oak engineered hardwood floor GREYS & BLACKS  Oscar Ono | Wood Manufacture

This gives a very light and airy feel of a cottage or holiday place.
 white kitchen and dark floors
Dark floors are very striking !!! ( get that swiffer out )

While both, in my opinion, are totally Absolutely Gorgeous !!!

The one that will stand the test of time would be medium colour ...
soft.... hardwood floors are perfectly aged/hued, light fixture is sculptural, textural, white painted brick, tufted headboard, bench adds another layer of texture, simply perfect....
It can accommodate almost any decorating style and always look great.
The size of the planks are also a feature. The homes I visit, built during the 60's & 70's,  have a narrow planks - under 2". Today standard, ready made, planks are 3 - 4 1/2".
You could also special order extra large planks that could run to 12" in width. Great for that old farm house look.
Depending on what you are looking for and the specific flavour of your decorating taste, there is something for everyone !!!

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  1. Hey Pam,
    I have a question for you - me and my husband just bought a store - it is a convenience store but we will be transforming it into more of a country/general store. I like your medium wider plank option. Do you know of a brand name that would work well for high traffic?
    Thanks for any help,
    Christine de Soto (Carla's sister - hope you are well!!!)

  2. Hiya Dollface !!!

    How are you ?
    So nice to hear from you !!!
    Sounds like a wonderful new venture. In our home, we put reclaimed flooring that I bought in Cayuga.
    They ripped it out of an old farm house and stripped it. I had it put in and stained it. I have 130lb Rottweiler running on it - so I know its very durable. As for new floors I don't know if they would stand up as well. But I do love the wide planks !!!